See below the calendar of events for Seido Sunnybank.

Other notable events for Brisbane, Australia and Worldwide have been listed below.

Full details of their calendars can be found here:     Seido Brisbane     Honbu (U.S.A.)


2020 Seido Sunnybank
January 13th Kagami Biraki / First Class of the Year

27th No Classes (Australia Day)

February 3rd Four Year Anniversary

5th Anniversary Class (Visited by Brisbane)

19th Children's Kyu Grade Promotion

20th Adult Kyu Grade Promotion

March 5th/12th Breaking Seminar

21st Black Belt Promotion - Queensland (Brisbane)

29th Beach Training (Redcliffe)

April 9th-13th Seido Brisbane Camping (Gordon Country)

10th No Classes (Good Friday)

13th No Classes (Easter Monday)

17-19th Bayside Seido Karate / Aikido Camp (Victoria)

23rd Adult Kyu Grade Promotion

29th Children's Kyu Grade Promotion

May 4th No Classes (Labour Day)

14th Practical Self Defence Seminar

June 20th Seido Brisbane 15 Year Anniversary Class & Evening Celebration (Brisbane)
July 2nd Adult Kyu Grade Promotion

8th Children's Kyu Grade Promotion

August 10th Point Sparring Seminar

12th No Classes (Show Day)

13th Kata Seminar

29th Visit to Seido Brisbane (Brisbane)

29th Black Belt Dinner (Brisbane)

September 10th Adult Kyu Grade Promotion

16th Children's Kyu Grade Promotion

TBC Sunnybank Tournament

October 5th No Classes (Queen's Birthday)

10th Black Belt Promotion (Victoria)

23rd Reefton 40th Anniversary (New Zealand)

31st Senior Seido Queensland Tournament (Brisbane)

November 8th Junior Seido Queensland Tournament (Brisbane)

19th Adult Kyu Grade Promotion

22nd Beach Training (Redcliffe)

25th Children's Kyu Grade Promotion

28th Outdoor Training (Ferguson Park)

December 17th Last Class / Christmas Party (Sunnybank)

19th Christmas Party (Brisbane)

2021 Future Events
January 9th First Class 2021 / Kagami Biraki (Brisbane)

11th First Class 2021 / Kagami Biraki (Sunnybank)

22nd-24th Five Year Anniversary Celebrations (Sunnybank)

February 3rd Five Year Anniversary Seido Sunnybank
Brisbane Australia
• Kagami Biraki
• Social Nights
• Beach Trainings
(With Sunnybank)
• Kyu Grade Promotions
• Practical Self Defence Seminar
• Board Breaking Seminar
• Anniversary Night Out
• Outdoor Training
• Kata Seminar
• Point Sparring Seminar
• Club Tournament
• Black Belt Dinner
• Christmas Social
• Kagami Biraki
• Inter-dojo Tournaments
• National Benefit Tournaments
• Black Belt Promotions
• Black Belt Dinners