Student Portal

Click here to be taken to the Seido Sunnybank Student Portal containing syllabus sheets, instructional videos and written guides.

Current students can request access the Student Portal by clicking here.


Seido Sunnybank Charitable Fund

We encourage charity by our students and maintain a Seido Sunnybank Charitable Fund to assist those students who suffer financial hardship or financial difficulty.

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Seido Sunnybank Student Handbook

Coming soon!


We buy & sell used uniforms

If your second-hand uniform is in reasonable condition, we will purchase it from you.

If you would like to purchase another uniform (and are happy with a second-hand one), we sell heavily discounted second-hand uniforms!


Below Retail Equipment

We sell a variety of martial arts equipment at below retail price!

Please click here for a list of equipment available for purchase.

If you require any martial arts equipment, please contact us.


Belt Display Racks

Would you like a belt rack to display your karate belts and reflect on your karate journey?

A standard 6 rung, hanging belt rack (in any colour) is $60 for Seido Sunnybank students.

If you would like to order one, or request a quote for a custom model, please contact Lee ([email protected]).