Our Vision

Seido Sunnybank Karate aims to offer a learning environment open to people and families from all walks of life and afford them the opportunity to learn and practice Seido Karate, where they will develop not only physical skills but also high moral character.

Seido Karate is not only a physical martial art practiced inside the training hall (dojo), Seido is a way of life, with applications both inside and outside of the dojo.


Our Story

Ever since he first started Seido Karate in 2001, Senpai Sam dreamed of "growing up" to be able to teach karate and share the joyful experience of learning karate, with new students, both young and old.

In 2015, after promoting to nidan, Sam again felt the desire to teach more (he was already teaching classes at Seido Brisbane) and increase the availability of Seido Karate to more people, in Queensland.

Living on the Southside of Brisbane, Sam was already travelling half an hour to and from training at Seido Brisbane and he felt that it would be rewarding to be able to teach Seido to people closer to his home, near Sunnybank. Sam didn't want to stop training at Seido Brisbane, he still hasn't (and won't), attending classes weekly at Seido Brisbane to this day.

With the blessings of Kaicho Nakamura (USA) and Kyoshi Cath and Kyoshi Glyn (Seido Brisbane) and after almost a year of planning, Seido Sunnybank opened its doors on Wednesday 3rd February 2016, with an energising first class joined by special guests and visitors from Seido Brisbane.